Here’s an excerpt from our interview with St Paul’s Catholic Parish, Nightcliff, whose leaders and their team, build their health and vitality through initiatives such as this. 

Read the conversation below. 

PH: So that’s the one side of vitality and the other would be the children’s liturgy. So every Sunday the children go out for children children’s liturgy. And then once a month, we have a what we call a children’s mass.

So all the reading is done by the children they don’t go out for half the mass, they stay in the church, and then I’ll call the children up and give them a little homily. Speak to them, it will sort of be geared towards them.

NCLS: Can I just ask the lovely wording that you spoke to them, is that a standard set of words that sort of very MSC in flavour?

PH: Yes the blessing.

It wasn’t a formulae thing, but that would’ve been a bit of MSC type flavour. That was lovely.

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