A visual representation of the approaches and strategies used by flourishing churches, on how they enliven their ministry and church life.
Browse the photos for inspiration and ideas, to help your church learn from these case study churches, identified as part of the Enliven Churches Project.

Trust and appreciation in leadership culture

Leadership is taken not given- gifting, passion and motivation already in people

LITE Leadership Program- developing young people as leaders

Leadership culture hive mentality

Mosaic – celebration and inclusion of cultural diversity

A plan to create vision and a strategy to achieve it

Living out values and vision leading to growth

Community dinners, partnerships and grants

Starting a Saturday night service- preparing, resourcing and sustaining a new venture

Standing on the shoulders of a history of prayerful leaders

Hospitality and welcome in a multicultural community

Worship as a creative space for different learning styles

Building connections in a multicultural community

Relational leadership and developing new leaders

Re-launching church for the post-churched

Maintaining focus on sharing faith, keeping connected with neighbourhood

Building a broad leadership base with bi-vocational pastors

Facilities that intentionally include and welcome

Creative streams for childrens ministry

Build with the strong- intentional mentoring

Dinner parties to reach out, include and build relationships

Empowering leadership and scalable models for growth

Innovating as culture is evolving

Unlocking people’s purpose

Architecture, space and third place community

The South Sydney Herald newspaper initiative

Navigating change, building momentum and ownership

Empowering and nurturing leadership

Auditing activities to ensure a sustainable focus on spiritual growth

A model of membership and adherents in a community of faith

Worship space and facilities that facilitate growth in faith and inclusion

Fostering young leaders and passing on leadership to youth

Facilities to serve the community, offer welcome and hospitality

Monday night dinner involving church and community

Church health as an ecosystem

Worldview preaching with an eye for the outsider

Strengths, involvement and an appreciative approach

Being a large church but also intimate

A harvest sized vision

Purpose built facilities- tangibilising the intangibles

Onboard- pathways for belonging and involvement

Being informed, skilled and joyful as a leader

A picnic to promote belonging

Helping people transition to a new priest and move forward together

Collaborative leadership and trust

Childrens Mass- young mass attenders leading worship

Closing a successful service to focus resources

Sisterhood Rising – Nurturing women in leadership

An electronic sign as a source of funding