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Two co-leaders plus ministry team

Norwood C3 Church

Being long term attenders of the C3 movement in Adelaide, Pastors Chris and Vicki Matthews took on the senior leadership role of Norwood C3 Church at its inception over 20 years ago. They would describe their personal and professional experiences as parents, homemakers and workers, as part of the skill set they bring to ministry and that form their relational, collaborative leadership style.

Being intentional about growing an inter-generational church is clear at C3 Norwood. The Ministry Centre is a family-friendly all-age space, that is built for relational connection. The comfortable cafe and lounge area give one the feeling of being welcomed home and creates the opportunity for conversation, relaxation and being involved in ‘doing life’ with others.

Leadership formation, mentoring and development is amongst their stated goals. The sense of one generation raising up the next, to take on the ownership of the church into the future, is apparent in the language of ‘our’ church, both from Vicki and Chris, as well as amongst young adult ministry team members, who relay stories of children at church speaking about ‘when we’re leaders of our church…’.

The church is located in the leafy streets of Norwood, where cafe culture is apparent. To be relevant and welcoming they set up a cafe space that is accessible to all. A decision to lease the two level office space which now acts as a Ministry Centre with a cafe and hospitality space, multipurpose activity room, garden terrace and offices, has meant that midweek ministry activities blend seemlessly in this community space. 

Across the road from the Ministry Centre is a community hall that the church hires for Sunday worship services. This approach to property use releases the church from investing in bricks and mortar, to investing in relationships and living out God’s love as an integrated member of the local area. In fact it has allowed them to take on the role of coordinating the users of the hall and strengthen their relationships with many other community groups.

Systems for set up and pack down for Sunday services have been streamlined over the years and the worship team are able to store their equipment within the hall itself for easy access.

Use of database systems and operational structures has become necessary as the church grew, whether for administration, accountability, or efficiency of communication. An electronic management system also helps the leadership team to review patterns of attendance, growth and participation. Such strategic thinking, analysis and planning supports the goals of the church.

Obviously placed around the facility are the brochures and invitations to various ways people can ‘volunteer’ at church. Their empowering leadership style ensures that people are constantly being invited and welcomed to contribute and join in, however that suits them.

The church not only prioritises nurturing the church family and growing each person in their faith, it also has a heart for connecting with the local community, encouraging every person to fulfil their potential in life.

Initiatives such as dinner parties, held in the homes of people from church, allow churchgoers to invite friends over to share a meal and friendship. In this context they share a short reflection and have an opportunity to pray for one another.

A new style of worship service was developed as a ‘Chapel service’ quieter in nature and deeper in Biblical reflection, in response to feedback from some churchgoers. 

As needs evolve and change, this ministry team seem to be keeping in step, to remain relevant and flexible in their innovation and creative approaches to ministry. And if the children see this church ‘as our church’ then the goal of raising up a new generation to continue the church into the future may well be on a promising track.

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