Lifelong Learning and Sustainability:

Churches that were interviewed as part of the Enliven Churches Project were observed to be lifelong learners and sustainable in their approach to ministry.

Learning from others, reflecting and adapting over time, were common attributes of these vibrant churches. They actively sought wisdom and learnt from the experience of other leaders. Many of the churches had mentoring programs or small groups to facilitate a process of growth in their attenders. As well as being thoughtful about allocating sufficient resources to ministry activities, they were dedicated to sustainability and the wellbeing of their people, encouraging a healthy life balance in order to avoid burnout. A considered approach was brought to their sense of stewardship of the time, talents and people within their church.

  • Learn: being a lifelong learner, mentoring people to learn and grow, reflecting over time, adapting and learning from others.
  • Sustain: utilising sustainable leadership practices, allowing enough resources, people and time for ministry initiatives.

Below are a selection of church stories that show how flourishing churches are learning communities.