Vision, Intention, Strategy and Innovation:

Churches that were interviewed in the Enliven Churches Project were seen to be intentional and aligned in their actions, particularly in the way they would envision, strategise and innovate.

There was a clear and owned vision in these flourishing churches. Often there were clear processes from initial welcome to involvement in church life, creating a culture of growth though the whole church. Leaders could be entrepreneurial, willing to try new things, sitting with the tension of the unknown in order to bring a group through a innovative process. There was clear intentionality to their actions, all aimed at achieving their defined vision and direction.

  • Envision: discerning and communicating a clear and owned vision for the future.
  • Strategise: being thoughtful and intentional about strategical reaching goals.
  • Innovate: taking risks, being creative and stepping out into the unknown.

Below are a selection of church stories that show how flourishing churches are intentional and aligned in their day-to-day ministry and mission.