Focusing Beyond, Hospitality, Inclusion and Empowerment:

Churches that were interviewed in the Enliven Churches Project were noted to be inclusive and empowering in their actions, particularly in the way they would focus beyond their church into the wider community, being hospitable, inclusive and empowering people to contribute.

These healthy churches built relationships with their surrounding community and their physical spaces were accessible and welcoming to everyone. The church attenders were active in welcoming new people, and clear processes ensured people were easily included in church activities. Leaders were intentional about including a diversity of people in ministry roles and they actively empowered attenders to contribute their gifts and skills.

  • Focus Beyond: reaching out to the local community and surrounding area.
  • Be Hospitable: active in welcoming and hospitality.
  • Be Inclusive: having a culture of inclusion, encouraging people to be involved.
  • Empower: looking to empower attenders to participate and contribute.

Below are a selection of church stories that show how flourishing churches include and empower people, focussing beyond church, being hospitable, inclusive and empowering in their approach.